Suicide hill 5/29/21

Date: 5/29/21

AO: Dehavilland

PAX: D-ten (welcome!), Swine Climber (welcome!), Swobbles, Crockett, Wilson, Fence post, Armstrong, Tails, Meatball, Cornelius (q)

Conditions: High 40s, Windy

Warm up:
20 ssh
20 merkins
20 flutter kicks

The Thang:
Skip to the hill.

Suicides up the hill in three rounds

1st round
Run the suicides do 5 jump squats every time you cross a cone. (105 jump squats all together.

10 late burpees

2nd round
Run suicides on the ups. Bear crawl the downs. 5 sit ups at each cone (105 total)

3rd round
Run suicides. 5 merkins at each cone (105) total.

Mosey back

2 minutes amrap burpees

Name o rama

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