Taking the beach

Date: 5-1-2021
Time: 0700
AO: DeHavilland
Conditions: 38F bright and shiny
PAX: Wilson, Faucet, Crocket, Armstrong, Ditka (Q)

Warm up: SSH, potato pickers, imperial walkers

The Thang:
100 merkins
200 LBC
300 squats
Carry a scuba tank down the parking lot between the exercise reps

To the beach:
Two teams of two
Push scuba tank back and forth down the sand volleyball court, 10 laps

Still on the beach:
Two teams of two
Carry scuba tank across three and volleyball courts then 10 squats. 10 laps

Cooled down with 5 burpees.


Mumble chatter:
Wilson might be investigated for steroid use with the rate he knocks out squats.

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