Dehaviland 4-3-21

AO – Dehaviland

Q – Tails

PAX – Bear, Armstrong, Zebra, Firedrill, Skinner, Hammi, Rocktail, Calvin, Crocket, Wilson, Ditka.


  • Air temp in the 30s, slight breeze, clear and beautiful.


  • Strat with a few quick stretches, head over to the front lot and do the following:

Sprint there and back on a total of 15 lines. On every line preform the same number of squats. Line one = 1 squat, line two = 2 squats all the way up to 15.

  • Head to hills and grind out Dora 1,2,3. 100 plank ups, 200 squats, 300 SSH.
  • finish with an AYG over the hills.


Quick TAP. Photo. And namerama!

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