F3 after 5

Date/Time 3/30/2021 – 1730
AO: North Park, Springboro
Conditions: sunny, 73 F

Pax: Wilson, Swobbles, Armstrong, Flipper, Beamer

Warm up: SSH, potato pickers, imperial walkers

The Thang:
-Mountain climbers x 20
-American hammers x 20
-Step ups x 20
-Squats x 20
-Declining Merkins x20
-LBC x20
-Burpees x10
-Bear crawl (Indian run style) 50 meters
-Squats at Amphitheater- 10 squats at each level (6 each way) -Hello Dolly’s x 20
-20 merkins
-10 more burpees
-12 final Merkins

Finished strong with this entire young crew today.
Be ready for Thursday at 1730
North Park in Springboro.

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