23 Mar 2021 – Falcon Hill

DATE: 23 Mar 2021
AO: Falcon Hill
Q: Cobra
PAX: Swobbles, Court Martial, Fence Post

CONDITIONS: low 50’s, about as good as it gets

WARM-O-RAMA: bat wings 🦇, imperial walkers, hamstring, butterfly, pretzel


  • SLOW-roasted pig: reps were performed with slow continuous motions; the contraction and release of each rep each occupy 4 beats at 140 beats per minute (done to a metronome)
  • Slowsy to blocks
  • 12x Cobra Killers IC — a sequence of motions with a block: 1 rep consists of bent row, deadlift, curl, press, reverse press, reverse curl, reverse deadlift, bent row. For cadence reps, each motion in the sequence occupies 4 beats
  • We did the Cobra Killers slowly; hence they were Slowbras




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