Smart Park 1/13/2021

AO- Smart Park, Austin Landing
Conditions- dry and -3.9 C
PAX- Kiddie Pool, Cornelius, Swobbles, McDreamy, Tex, Funky Stuff, Doogie, Packer, Meatball, Kool-Aid, Armstrong, Bear, Tails.

Side straddle hops and Windmills

The Thang:

-Plank for 1 min, sprint for 50m x 4, increase to 100m x 2

-Texas Merkins, 1 merkin, stand, 2 merkins stand…up to 10

-Passing ship x 20

-1 min drill, American hammer then Squats x 3 cycles

-1 min drill, burpees then leg lifts x 2

-100 m jog, 1 min plank, 100m jog

-say my name Merkins x 14

Welcomed McDreamy to F3.
Great to have a big turn out to motivate the group.
Circle of Trust

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