AO – Dehaviland

Q – Tails

PAX – FNG Matt, Skywalker, Armstrong, Meatball, Flipper, Faucet, ,Ditka


A balmy 40 something! No rain, but wet Air. No ice or snow.


Stretcharama led by Meatball, as I was a couple minutes late – Some Tatter pickers, and SSH.

Snatched up Blocks abs took a walk to the gazebo. We preformed Right, Say anything, Lefts on the way. Hit the Gazebo and preformed the following without setting blocks down:

  • Block presses
  • Block curls
  • Block squats
  • Block swings
  • Some static stretches and mountain climbers
  • 2 overhead block sit downs

Starched up blocks and moved to the ditch. Here we lined up and crept along, sitting down, legs outstretched, rotating blocks over our laps. Did this for maybe 30 yards, and switched to harambes. After this we did a blockless ditch crawl.

After this, climbed out of the ditch, shouldered blocks and went back to start.


Quick TAP. Photo and naming FNG Sky walking and hearing from FNG Matt.

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