AO – Dehaviland

Q – Tails

PAX – Steamer (From F3 Atlanta), Wilson, Faucet, Meatball, Ditka


VERY COLD! 13 degrees with a strong windchill! Felt like Zero according to Steve!


Stretcharama – SSH with some Burpees added in for extra warmth! Also knocked out a few windmills.

Slowzee to the parking lot where we performed some stacking cardio moved on parking lines. These included, sprints, side sprints, karaoke, froggers, and a half way near crawl.

Switched things up and took a trip around the lake. We jogged while knocking out sons cherry pickers and overhead claps (I was channeling my inner Crocket) tossed in a few sets of burpees along the way.

Made it back to the lot and continued our previous routine, this time in teams of two. After we headed to the hill and preformed 3 sets of hill sprints. Peppered in some SSH.

Jog back to the flag where we bottomed things up.


Quick TAP. Photo – it was revealed to us by Steamer that the tree standing near our start point makes a great phone stand for pictures….. Namearama!

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