Austin Landing F3

AO: Austin Landing
Date: 12.16.20
Time: 0530
Q: Doogie
Pax: Meatball,Swobbles, Packer, Ditka, Tex, Kiddie P

Stretch OYO,Toe touch x 20 IC, running, Merkins x 20 IC

The Thang:

Ran from one end of the parking lot to another end, five times. 2 setts total.

Round 1- Merkins x 40 IC
Round 2- Bear crawls x 2 from light post to light post
Round 3- Situps x 40 IC
Round 4- Staddle hops x 20 IC
Round 5- Squats x 40 IC
Round 6- Shoulder Taps x 20
Round 7- Burpees x 40 IC
Round 8- Russian Twist x 20 IC

Steven Dougherty

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