Dehaviland 11-7-2020

AO – Dehaviland

Q – Tails

PAX – Crockett, Carmen Sandiago (F3 Naperville)


Cold, Beautiful sunrise, no wind! Great weather!


Stretcharama was some simple body stretches and a few dynamic ones in cadence! After this we headed to Big Bertha’s hiding spot and rolled her to the sand!

The workout consisted of the following: PAX take turns flipping BB while a single PAX performed a 25 yard bear crawl and back. Total flips were 100. This took longer than anticipated!

After Tire flipping we went to the parking lot for a little drag and plank.

We stashed BB and headed to the flag for some MARY time. Performed about 6 Abdominal exercises in cadence.


Quick TAP. Photo. Namearama!

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