And the winner is…

Smart Park Presidential Election
PAX Swobbles, Wiggles, Meatball, KiddiePool, Ditka
Q: Floater
Warm up
5 Burpees
1 min gentle leg stretches

Election results (total team reps wins state)
Florida (27) Leg Raises
137 Bugs
165 Mickey

North Carolina (15) Squats
226 Bugs
208 Mickey

Pennsylvania (20) Merkins
161 Bugs
157 Mickey

Michigan (16) Flutter Kicks
324 Bugs
288 Mickey

Ohio (18) Lunges
122 Bugs
137 Mickey

Texas (38) Burpees
67 Bugs
69 Mickey

Texas Recount
45 Bugs
43 Mickey

Winner after Recount – Bugs Bunny!!

Count o Rama
Name o Rama
Welcome Ditka

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