Floater Remix

AO: Dehaviland
PAX – Armstrong, KiddiePool, Meatball, Flipper, Phone Home, Faucet, Lawnmower Man, Calvin, Zebra, Carmen Sandiego from down-range at Napierville, Jingles, Crockett

Q: Armstrong (all took turns)

30 SSH in Cadence
5 Burpees
10 Slow Mo Merkins
5 Burpees
15 Windmills in Cadence
5 Burpees

TWO ROUNDS: most exercises below in cadence or with round the circle count-offs:
10 Man Makers
Bear Crawl to light post 1
15 Merkins
Walking lunge back to start
15 Squats
Run to light post 2 and back
Burpees til 6 is picked up

10 OH Press
OH hold for 1 min
10 Leg Raises with block pressed
Legs at 6” for 1 min
10 Block Squats
Something crazy hard led by @KiddieP don’t recall what it was, but a coupon was involved!
10 Burpees

Count, video, picture
COT, prayer

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