Labor Day Tribute

DATE: 9/7/2020

TIME: 0530

AO: Higgins

PAX: Cobra, Zebra

Q: Wilson

Warm up – a Standard Wilson Warmup

20 reps IC
Pickin’ Taters
Imperial Walkers

With 1 Pax performing a Dave and Buster’s (Down and Backs), the remaining Pax would rotate through various exercises.

Down and Backs included
2 X 35# concrete block carry
70# sandbag carry
1 X 35# carry
5# sledge overhead carry


Tire smash
Declined merkins
Tire flip
American Hammer with 35# block
Turkish Get Up with 5# Sledge
Big Boy Sit Up with 35# block
Side Straddle Burpees
Freddie Mercurys 
Dying Cockroaches

Cool down stretches

And a fine thing about holiday beatdowns is nobody is in a rush to get to work, so we had a followup Coffeeteria at McDonalds.



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