Falcon Hill 8.27.2020

Falcon Hill – 8. 22. 20

AO – Falcon Hill

Q – Tails

PAX – Cobra, Smaug (F3 Cape Fear), Stick Up F3 Louisville).

Conditions were mildly cool, and clear. Perfect morning for a beat down.

  • Workout began with a series of quick stretches. These included things like these guys, bad boys, side straddle hops, Tatter pickers, windmills.
  • To the brick shed and each HIM snatched up a coupon.
  • To the lot and workout continued as follows:

Every him grabbed a line and preformed exercises in cadence. These included Blerkins, Block squats, block swings. Between sets of 10-20 reps, each him would harambe their block to the start of end of each line.

  • Good mumble chatter was had getting to know each other.
  • After blocks were returned we preformed some core exercises. These included the following:

Flutter kicks, Leg lifts, rosaleta, American hammers, DC, Heel touches.

Finished up with Body Destroyers (new exercise suggested by Smaug, in which the HIM lays flat on his back and does not move 😉)

COT and Photo opp. Flag provided by Stick Up!

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