Falcon Hill 7.7.2020

Falcon Hill – 7.7.20

AO – Falcon Hill

Q – Tails

PAX – Goldstar, Cobra, Firedrill, Wilson, Swobbles

Conditions were cool and clear. Higher humidity, but a beautiful day for a beat down.

  • Quick warm up
  • Run to blocks. 1 per HIM
  • Blocks to the parking lot. Each HIM takes a line.
  • At the start and end of each line an exercise is executed, after a bear crawl to the end of the line where another exercise is then executed.
  • Exercise were as follows: 50 SSH, 10 block presses, 40 SSH, 20 block presses, 30 blerkins with short run between sets of 5 and 10, 30 SSH, 40 block squats, 20 SSH, jog back through line stopping to do 10 man makers, 10 block presses x 2, 10 block swings and 10 burpees.
  • Back to flag, COT, PHOTO.

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