Prison Workout – Jailhouse Strong.

Date: 5-2-2020
Time: 0700
AO: DeHavilland
Pax: Sobbles, Rosey, Goldstar, Zebra
Q: Wilson

Today’s workout is sponsored by “Prison Workout – Jailhouse Strong.” It’s inspiring.

I’m going to steal a page from it (ha, ha!) and we’re going to follow what’s called the Juarez Valley 10 Method. You can see some YouTube vids on it to get the hang of it. I’ll try to explain it.

Warm up: 20 reps in cadence


Pickin’ Taters


Imperial Walkers.

The Thang:

We will pair up exercises for this. First round:

Merkins – 10 reps.

Walk 8 feet (approximate length of a jail cell)

Squats – 1 rep.

Return to starting position

Merkins – 9 reps

Walk 8 feet

Squats – 2 reps.

Return to starting position

Merkins – 8 reps…

So from the first position, start with 10 reps and DECREASE 1 rep each time you return. At the second position, start with 1 rep and INCREASE 1 rep each time you return to the second position. This will total 55 reps per exercise in approximately 12 to 15 minutes. First finishers should Plank or Al Gore until all are finished.

Mosey to the pull up bar.

Set 2: Pair up Pull ups (Chin ups/Toes to Bar/Knees to Elbows/Jumping Pull Ups) with Jump lunges (modify to step lunges).

Plank or Al Gore until all are finished.

Set 3: Pair up Heels to Heaven with Archer Merkins

When moving from Point A to Point B and back, don’t just walk this time. Your choice of mobility: Bear Crawl, Monkey Walk, Inch Worm, Carioca, Crab Walk, etc.

Mosey back to the flag.

5 sets of 5 reps of Jump Squats, 3 count down, power up on 4. Ten count between sets.

For an appropriately social distanced workout, join us. You can still work up a sweat and get sore.



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