Dehavilland 9-14-19

DATE- 9-14-19

A.O.- Dehavilland

Q- Tails

PAX- Goldstar, San Diego, Nader, Wilson, Swobbles, Mama mia, Phone Home, Calvin, Bone Daddy, Crocket, Koolaid, Bear, Faucet, FNG.


Conditions – Dark, Cool, no wind, clear sky! Could not ask for better weather!


  • Stretching
  • Jog to corner, holding planks for 6. At corner preform the following:
  • 20 SSH 20 Mountain Climbers all in Cadence. Repeat and decrease by 5 reps each set to 10.
  • Jog to hill. Preform “Ouch my legs”:
  • Partners take turns preforming reps and running the hill. Forwards down, backwards up. 100 clave raises, 200 squats, 300 flutter kicks.
  • Plank sprint to Gazebo. (Ran back to pick up Mama Mia, jogged to flag.
  • 30 burpees in honor of Koolaid being 30 min late.





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