Burpees, burpees, burpees and more burpees


AO: Falcon hill

Q: Goldstar

Pax: Miyagi, Tails, Crockett, Phone Home, kool aid, Jingles, Swobbles, Cobra, Firedrill


Pffffft there was no warm up! We had work to do!

We sprinted to the first light pole. We did 20 burpees. We held the six with a plank, then picked up the six by grabbing those extra burpees. Then we sprinted directly to the next pole. Here we once again did 20 burpees. Same thing as before with the six. For the sake of brevity we did this for 2 more light poles. YHC dropped his hoodie off and we sprinted around the entire track back to the last (the 4th light pole) and did another set of burpees. This brought our total to 100 burpees.

Next we jogged back to the finish line/start point. This is where we started a set of roasted pig. Flutter kicks x20, merkins x10, leg lifts x20, merkins x10, American hammers x20, Merkins x10, dying cockroaches x20, merkins x10, Freddie Mercuries x20, merkins x10, LBC’s x20, merkins x10, heal touches x20, merkins x10.

After this, everyone was quite bushed. However, we had time left. YHC asked for 20 more burpees. So we did it. Brining our total to 120 burpees. However, that wasn’t enough. We realized between our burpees and our Melton’s, we did 190 Merkins total. So to finish it off, we did 10 more Merkins.

Welcome our friend Miyagi from Cleveland.

We had some mumble chatter about the oncoming gloom of winter and the dropping temps and dropping numbers of people. Preparing ourselves mentally and physically for what is to come.





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