Q by Committee…

Date – 3/30/2019
Time – 0700
AO – DeHavilland
Pax – Faucet, Wilson
Q – ……

There was no Q today. No one stepped up. Today marked our 52nd consecutive Saturday workout at Delco Park, completing our first year. But with no Q, Faucet and I rolled uncontrollably on the ground in anguish crying, “No Q! No Q?! Whatever will become of us???”

Yeah, right. We took turns….

We started with a mosey around the pond. Twice. A year ago I don’t think I could last a quarter of a mile. Last October I know I fell short on a half mile run. In January I made it around the half mile trail. Today: a full mile non-stop.

Yes, I’m bragging. But not on my physical prowess. I have made progress over this last year because a group of guys have been willing to get together on Saturday mornings (and Mondays, too) and sweat together. It works.

We slowsied to the memorial area where we rotated through:

  • pull-ups/chip ups
  • declined/inclined crunches
  • Bulgarian slit squats
  • inclined Merkins

Back in the parking lot we moved to some shoulder mobility movements with PVC poles and weighted ball bats, followed by:

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Air Squats

Another mosey to the gazebo for a final round of Merkins.

Count-o-rama (didn’t take long…)

It doesn’t take a big group to get better. All it takes is showing up.



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