The Neanderthal Workout

AO: DeHavilland (a.k.a., Delco Park)
Date: 3/23/2019
Pax: Tails, Zebra, Sox (Kotter!), Bonedaddy (DL, Official Timer)
Q: Wilson

Warm-up with a mosey around the trail with COP at the half-way point (SSH x 20 IC) and at the end (Imperial Walkers x 20 IC).

The Thang:

Wilson has the subconscious urge to smash thing.

Using Tabata Time, each Pax begins at one of the stations, exercise for 20 seconds, rest and rotate to the next station in 10 seconds, rinse/repeat for 8 cycles.

The stations:

1. 25# medicine ball smash
2. 7# sledge hammer/tire smash
3. punching bag smash (straddle the punching bag and smash the pudding out of it)
4. big boy sit ups with 25# medicine ball held overhead

Repeat this cycle four times, but between each cycle:

Mosey 40 yards and on the return trip
carioca right
carioca left

With time remaining, Q delegated and we finished with:

S3 (Sox Squat Special): From a kneeling position, jump into a squat position;
Smurf jacks;
Jump squats;
Superman Merkins



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