Tri Q


AO: Falcon Hill

Q: Goldstar

Co-Q’s: Cobra, Swobbles

PAX: Goldstar, Cobra, Swobbles

In the absence of our leader of the day, Burt Macklin FBI, we decided to each take a little of the Q.

Warm up:

x20 Cotton pickers

1 lap around the track

Tha Thang:

Run laps around track, at each pole (4 total) do Q’s/Co-Q’s pick of exercise.

Lap 1 Goldstar – Burpees at each pole

Lap 2 Swobbles – air squats at each pole

Lap 3 Cobra – cadence 4 count pushups at each pole

Lap 4 Goldstar – Bruce Lee’s at each pole

x20 leg lifts

x20 flutter kicks

x20 American hammers

x20 dying cockroaches

x20 bicycles

x20 little baby crunches

One final lap.




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