Return of the Heat

Falcon Hill- 2/21/2019

Pax- Goldstar, Tails, Burt Macklin FBI, Pavarotti, Zebra, Swobbles, Cobra

Q- Heater

1 mile run to warm up (3/4 of a mile for Pav as he had to get his baby back to sleep before posting )

Slowsy to the end of the track where all PAX were instructed to pick up a cinder block. The rule was for the rest of the work out, if a brick touches the ground, the whole group does 10 burpees

We then did

15 4count curls

15 4count brick presses


15 4count bent over rows with bricks


15 weighted sit ups


10 straight front arm raises with brick


15 4count curls

15 4count brick presses

15 4count skull crushers

Mosey back to the flag, got a little stretch in

Educational COT


Count o Rama

Name o Rama

Picture by the flag

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