“Modify as needed….”

Date: 02/21/2019
Time: 0530
AO: Higgins
Q: Wilson

Modify as needed is one of our mantras. It is usually intended for the FNG who hasn’t worked out for a while, or perhaps someone recovering from an injury. Our Tuesday/Thursday rucks are actually pretty easy events that don’t need much modifying.

But today we modified. Why?? Well, we modified in the opposite direction. We engaged in some heavy breathing today. See, TOG, (The Old Guy), Qs this Saturday at our DeHavilland workout at Delco Park. I’m calling it the Millennium Workout. That’s because it may take that long to get through it.

Or not.

But come Saturday at 0700 and learn what those modifications were. I’m an old guy. How hard can I possibly make it?



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