Now this is embarrassing…

A truly awkward situation. If I don’t mention it, you would never know about it.

Last Saturday we were preparing for Snowmagedon. M did her thing around the house: candles, bottled water, laundry all caught up in case we lost power.

I had my list of To-Do as well. It included getting my propane tank filled up for the heater. U-haul pumps propane rather than exchange tanks, and that’s my preference. I pulled up to the pump and took the tank from the back of the truck. After ringing the bell for service, I got back into the truck. It was 33 degrees with rain and wind.

When the attendant arrived, I got out of the truck to conduct the transaction. The bad news: the propane pump was broken. I’d have to go elsewhere. No problem.

Except there was a problem.

When I tried to open the door to get back in the truck, it wouldn’t open. It appears that as I opened the door to get out, I accidentally pushed the lock.

The truck is running.

I can’t call M to bring the extra key because my phone is inside the truck.

I can’t use the attendant’s phone because the darn technology works so well I don’t even know what her phone number is.

It’s 2.1 miles. Rainy. 33 degrees.

In other words, it was about the same conditions we had our workout at 0700 that morning. Normal workout condition. It’s just my second workout of the day. No big deal.

Date – 01/24/2019
Time – 0530
AO – Higgins
Q – Wilson

Conditions at Higgins had gotten worse since Tuesday. And I fell Tuesday. Today is a Ruck Free workout.

PVC Shoulder Workout – R & L/Forward & Reversed

  • Front and Backs
  • Figure Eights
  • Round the World

Club Bell

  • Mills Forward
  • Mills Reversed
  • Big Swings
  • Batting Swings
  • Big Swing

Finished with a deep squat held for 3 minutes.

F3 Workouts are held in the Gloom, wet or dry, hot or cold. Benefits of an F3 workout: you’re better prepared for:

  • Taking the garbage out when it’s raining;
  • Changing a tire on the expressway at midnight in a blizzard;
  • Or walking home after locking your keys in your vehicle.



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