Thanksgiving Day workout Falcon Hill 11-22-2018

AO Falcon Hill
Q: Burt Macklin FBI
PAX: Goldstar, Cobra, Zebra, Heater
Workout: The Big Gobbler
10x 4 count P/U; 10x 4 count jumping jack; 10 x air squats; 10x burpees
1/2 mile AYG run
Mosey to Falcon Hill
3 rounds of:
10xP/U; sprint up and over hill; 10xS/U; sprint up and over hill;10x burpees
Heaterbag relays: each man carries the Heaterbag around track while others complete 20 P/U; 20 S/U; 10 Burpees. Rotate until all pax carry bag once.
Fellowship at Starbucks Kettering + Tails

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