A Light Snow for a Light Workout

AO – Higgins
Date – 11/20/2018
Time – 0530
Q – Wilson

“I don’t have time to work out, especially this week with the holiday. There’s too much to do!”

Yeah, that’s why we like the gloom. Nobody is going to distract you.

Warm up
Arm Circles

Hip Circles

Hip Bends

Side Bends

Club bell workout
Wrist Rolls

Round the World Right/Left
Club Mills Right/Left

Tail gate workout
Deep Static Dips

25# Bent Over Row, Right/Left

Jump Rope Tabata

Only a 20 minute workout.

Thanksgiving. Are you thankful to Sky Q for the body He’s given you? Do you show how thankful you are? How?

Join me Thanksgiving morning at 0530 at the Higgins (Thomas Cloud Park) and we’ll do another short workout as a preemptive strike. You know you’re going to consume more calories than necessary in the afternoon. At least I am.



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