Higgins – It Does Not Take A Village

Date – 10-18-18
Time – 1900
AO – Higgins (a.k.a. Cloud Park)
Q – Wilson
Pax – Faucet

How many Pax does it take to have a workout? Well, tonight, just two.

At F3 we often talk about the bonding that occurs through common struggle. Normally we’re referring to the sweat that occurs during the workout. But not always.

“Oh, you had a sucky week at work, too!”

Male bonding.

Nothing quite relieves the pressures of life like a good workout.

The Thang:

On mile mosey with stops at:

  • Parallel bars – dips to failure
  • Pull up bar – pull ups to failure

Back in the parking lot we continued with 25# dumb bells:

Triceps extensions
Bent over rowing
DB swings

And a lot of mumblechatter.

So, what did you watch on TV? Did it make you a better man?

Come join us.




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