Lonely Hearts Club 180928 – The Band is breaking up!

Lonely Hearts Club 180928 – The Band is breaking up!

Date: September 28, 2018 – 5:30am

AO: Lonely Hearts Club (Epiphany Lutheran – Austin Campus)

Q: BoneDaddy

Pax: Gold Star


The Thang:


4 Rounds for Time

10 Burpees

100 meter Run

10 Air Squats

100 meter Run

10 Push-Ups

100 meter Run

10 Sit-Ups

100 meter Run

The countdown started and the 1-mile race was off! Gold Star and BoneDaddy were neck and neck, with BoneDaddy occasionally taking the lead. This was how the race went for the first half. Then Gold Star started to warm up, took off his sweatshirt, and started his push. Little by little he began to overtake BoneDaddy, ultimately getting about one fully exercise ahead by the end.

Finishing Times

Gold Star 16:24

BoneDaddy 16:58

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the continued extremely low numbers and what appears to be lack of current interest in a Friday morning workout, at least at the current AO. Today will be the last show at the Lonely Hearts Club. With the onset of winter, we believe it is best to consolidate resources and ensure a healthier, stronger PAX emerges in the spring. We would like to thank Epiphany Lutheran for their hospitality and hope to be able to host a Reunion Tour in the not too distant future.



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