September 18, 2018 – Higgins

DATE: 9-18-2018

AO: Higgins (Cloud Park)

Time: 0530

Q: Wilson

Once again I was not alone on my morning ruck. Now, full disclosure compels me to state that I’m not sure that the occupant(s) of the other vehicle were awake, but the point remains…..

Ready to ruck, reciting the F3 mission and disclaimer, I headed down the trail with a faint fog covering the field.

  • Parallel bar swings
  • Chip up bar levers

Regardless of the original condition of the other auto’s inhabitants, they were in the process of vacating the premises as I concluded the mile.

Lots of wrist and shoulder work:

  • 3# club mills
  • Wrist twirls
  • Round the worlds

Graduate to 7# sledge hammer

  • Club mills
  • Round the Worlds

Cossack squats

Other than that, it was just a walk in the park.



Scheduling note: You are always welcome to come and join me, but you will not find me at Higgins (Cloud Park) on Thursday, September 27th, or Thursday, October 11th.

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