September 15, 2018 – DeHavilland

44 Special

DATE: September 15, 2018

AO: DeHavilland (Delco Park – Kettering, OH)

Q: Zebra

PAX: Wilson, Wrong-Way, Ulrich, Floater, Swobbles, Faucet, Rosey, Cub Scout, Sox, FNG Trend

I named this beatdown 44 Special in honor of my upcoming 44th birthday for which I will be out of town. The number 44 and 4 were significant in what went down. Eleven HIM greeted me at 0700 this fine morning. After a quick recital of the F3 mission, we moseyed to the Dock House for the COP:

Side Staddle Hops IC x 11

Merkins IC x 11

Air Squats IC x 11

Burpees OYO x 11

Total = 44

Zebra Butt-Kicks OYO x 22/leg = 44

Then we moved on to…

The Thang:

The number 44 and delegation to inspire leadership were the name of the game. Picking up the 6 was also noted as a major theme – beatdown to be completed as a team. The PAX then embarked on a 44 minute run around the track during which each of the 11 HIM named the exercise every 4 minutes (11 PAX x 4 min = 44). Each exercise was performed for 44 reps:



Air Dead Lifts

Flutter Kicks

Freddie Mercuries

Dying Cockroaches

11 sec rest, 11 sec left side plank, 11 sec right side plank, 11 sec low plank

Imperial Walkers

Left side plank x 22 sec, right side plank x 22 sec

Mountain Climbers

Divided into 2 teams: as a team, completed 44 reps of one-legged squats and 44 reps of 44 pull-ups

Total Run Distance: 3+ miles


NAMEORAMA: Named 3 new HIM: Wrong-Way (Andrew), Ulrich (Mike) , Rosey (Brian)

COT: Sox shared appreciation for positive influence of F3. Prayed for those affected by Hurricane Flo and F3 brothers running the AF Marathon.


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