September 6, 2018 – Higgins

Date:  9/6/18

Time:  0530

AO:  Higgins

Conditions: 71 degrees with stifling humidity.

How stifling was the humidity? The skunk wouldn’t even show up.

Q: Wilson

Ah, but for the second workout in a row, I did not ruck the path alone. I could see the flashlight on the other side of the park.

The Thang:

I’ve upped the pack to a full twenty pounds. I do take it off when doing parallel bar swings and tucked levers.

3# Club Bell Mill

#3 Club bell Cossack Squat

7# Sledge Hammer Round the Worlds, both directions

20# Jefferson Curl

Monkey Walk

Even though the other participant was on the other side of the park, I was still engaged in typical Mumblechatter with myself, and no one was around to think I was weird.



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