August 25, 2018 – DeHavilland

AO: Dehavilland

Date: 8.25.18

Time: 0700

Q: Swobbles

PAX: Heater, FNG (jason), Wilson, Socks, Faucet, brush fire, Cub Scout, Pavarotti, Captain Planet


Mosey to dock

Air kettle swings

Quad stretch

Torso twists

Back row/fly


Morracan night clubs

Pulse night clubs (arm/butt kickers)

Warm up:

Bruce Lee’s x 10

• Leg Raises

• LBC’s

• Dying Cockroaches

• American Hammers

• Scissor kicks

• Freddy mercuries

The Thang:

Soccer fields

Corner 1: Merikans

Sprint to next corner

Corner 2: Bulgarian ball busters

(reverse lunge knee up)

Sprint to next corner on other field

Corner 3: Hip Hinge

Sprint to left field foul pole

Corner 4: Burpees

Pick up six with plank

Jog to start and recover

Round 1 x 5

Round 2 x 10

Round 3 x 15

Round 4 x 20

Bruce Lee’s x 10 (2 rounds)

Mosey to start

Front bad boys

Bad boys

Quad stretch

Leg stretch/arms to ground

COT: Being intentional. Thankful for this group helping me stay on track.


Pax: 10



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