August 23, 2018 – The Higgins

Thursday, August 23rd, Higgins Backblast

Wilson Tog – An Army of One

AO: Higgins

Q: Wilson

Pax: Wilson

The Clint Eastwood movie with the “Army of One” tag line featured a post civil war farm who went to war with vengeance in his heart. Nothing could stop him.

I know the feeling. The target of my vengeance? Old age. I’m now a certified “old guy” having received my Medicare card this week.

I know I will never match the young stallions I run with on Saturday. That’s ok. I’ve always been more of a pack mule. And Thursday we (me, myself and I) took the ruck pack for a 1 mile hike. That was followed with the PVC workout – 5 foot length of pipe as we worked the shoulders and spine with Front to Backs, Side to Sides, and Twisters.

Added another spine exercise: Jefferson Curl off a parking curb with a 25# dumb bell.

And being a pack mule, there’s nothing quite like Bear Crawls and Crab Walks. Better yet, I recently discovered Monkey Walks. This is a great mobility mover.

A 45 minute workout before work gets you moving early.

Anybody can do this.



Wilson Tog

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