The Higgins – July 23, 2018

The Scatterbrain Workout Back Blast

AO: The Higgins

Date: 7/23/18

Time: 0530

Q: Wilson

Pax: Bungee, Cobra, Goldstar, Tails, Zebra

An expectation for being the workout Q (leader) is to post a Back Blast. A problem in doing that as a scatterbrain is that I have to now remember what it was we did.

Since there were no FNGs I gave a modified disclaimer (“Guys, this park is closed and we really shouldn’t be here…”)

We began our warm up right there in the parking lot (I knew Zebra was going to show…), with, what was it?? SSH IC (19). We continued with Cotton Pickers (IC, 16) and finished with….13 of another exercise.

My wife says that I’m easily distracted.

The plan was to get to the far end of the park to the pull up bars, so we began our Mosey around the track when I saw a piece of equipment I had never noticed before. So I positioned one Pax on each end of the picnic table for dips, one on each side for staggered Merkins, and one off each end of the table holding an Al Gore. We took a 10 count on each position and rotated.

On the road again, we made our way to the parallel bars where we again rotated through six positions for dips, modified rows and…. Guys, help me out here. I know we had another exercise there.

When I was going up, I was not diagnosed as being ADD because… well, in our neck of the woods people described what I had as being a boy.

At the pull up bars we again rotated through a series of pull ups, knees-to-elbows and a hanging L-sit. When not on a bar we were holding a plank or a variation.

The next stop was, I don’t know what they’re called, but thereare four pipes mounted about four inches off the ground. The objective was to hop over each bar. This has always scared me because if you miss and trip on one bar you are sure to smack your head on the next one, brining a whole new meaning to the term “Scatterbrain.” (Special shout-out to Cobra, who used his superior vertical leap to clear each bar by a foot.)

We veered off the path for our final stop doing some buddy assisted Merkins/Planks and Leg Curls.

We finished with our COT, but then I forgot the Name-o-Rama. But Tails wouldn’t let me forget, primarily because he likes taking selfies.

I have been diagnosed as suffering from Creeping Old Agewhich compounds my innate scattered abilities. I have noticed my short term memory is slipping, and I’m also having trouble remembering recent events, too.

But I distinctly remember Heater saying on Saturday “I’ll see you Monday.” Hey, Heater, F3 has a word for people like you.

I’ll have to look it up.


Wilson Tog (The Old Guy)

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