July 24, 2018 – Falcon Hill

The Runner Back Blast

AO: Falcon Hill


Time: 0530

Q: Bungee

Pax: Tails, Floater, Johnny 5, Cobra, Fire Drill, Bear, Heater, Popcorn, Rolly Fingers, Stamp, Cub Scout, Captain Planet, Pavarotti, Burt Macklin, Goldstar, Stamp, Swobbles, Elroy.

Wind mills in cadence, butterflies, hurdler stretch.

Mosey to FTH:

Hill sprints: up- down, 20 side straddle hops, up-down.
Repeat decreasing side straddle hops by five each time. Total 8 hill sprints and 50 side straddle hops.

Mosey back to track:

Four corners-mosey the straights AYG the corners, at each corner do predetermined exercise.

First Lap: 10 Burpees each corner. Total 40

Second Lap: 20 American Hammers, ten each side. Total 80

Third Lap: 20 squats total of 80

Fourth Lap: 20 High Knees total of 80.

Circle up:
Dying Cockroach in cadence
Merkins in cadence
Leg lifts in cadence

Hurdler stretches

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