July 16, 2018 – The Higgins

July 16, 2018

AO: The Higgins (Thomas Cloud Park)

Q: Wilson

Pax: 6 – Bungee, Cobra, Heater, Johnny 5, Tails and Zebra.

There were a couple of odd things about this morning’s workout. But then, getting up for a workout at 5:30 a.m. seems odd to a lot of folks.

It began with the warm up. I’m old school (not just old, contrary to Heater’s perspective) and there’s something comforting to mewith Side-Straddle-Hops (SSH). It takes me back to jr. high school. Except the first time I Q’d in early May I ran out of gas barking out the cadence by the 10 count. Today, at 18 I was thinking, “How many of these can we do??? Let’s see?” We quit at 37.

Why quit there? I don’t know. It was just time to quit. Odd, I know.

We followed up with 19 cotton pickers (IC). 19?? Odd.

Windmills (IC), 13.

And then I wanted us to buddy up. You know, kinda like the Odd Couple.

Staying in the parking lot, five workstations were set up with an emphasis on antagonistic muscles to counter the high number of Merkins, LBCs and Squats that make up our normal routines.

1. Using portable dip bars, crawling under the bar for an angled row (10) to counter the Merkins;
2. Leg curs, with a partner assist: from a kneeling position, slowly the body down, and give a push back up, pulling with the hamstring, to counter the quad workouts of squats(5);
3. Mountain Merkin (10): with hands on the ground, have your six point to the 12 so you’re simulating an overhead press, countering the pull ups from Murphs;
4. Just to have enough stations, catch with your buddy with a 25# medicine ball (10 tosses each).

But wait. We had seven Pax. One Pax flew solo through the stations. Instead of playing catch, Solo had an exercise of choice. Most chose Al Gore.

And when your set was finished, assume a superman pose to counter the LBC and Bruce Lees.

And the assisted leg curl? How did someone get that done alone?

Trust me, it was odd.

Seven Pax, seven round – 245 reps.

The antagonistic workout was antagonizing.

F3 workouts have their own oddities that we follow: Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, and Circle of Trust (COT). After reminding the Pax of our family picnic Saturday, and our Q-Council meeting (Thursday night, 6:00 or Friday morning, 5:30.I know, it’s an odd time for a meeting….) YHC concluded with a prayer to SkyQ, grateful to be a part of such an odd bunch of guys who would join together for this workout.

You know what else is odd? Someone is reading this and wanting to know how they can get in. Check the web site for location and times.

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