July 14, 2018 DeHavilland

July 14, 2018

AO: DeHavilland

Q: Floater

PAX: 20 Goldstar on photography. Heater, Popcorn, Tails, Pavarotti, Bungee, Noodle, Bear, Fire Drill, Bambi, Cobra, Johnny5, the Dude, Burt Macklin, Cub Scout, Faucet, Stamp, Orville, Who Dey

Mosey to Gazebo

-SSHs in cadence

-Widespread hamstring (R, L, Mid)

-6 Bonus Birthday Burpees for Pavarotti and CubScout

– Quad Stretch

-Morrocan Nite Clubs

-Hip to Runner Stretch

-Bad boys

The Thang – Enter the Dragon

Bring Bruce, Lee and Sack coupons for all laps.

10 Cones Set up around pond (1/2 mile). Starting at gazebo run to first cone perform 1 squat. Increase by one at each subsequent cone through all 10 cones. Finish at Gazebo

Bruce Lee’s together

Round 2 – Merkins

Bruce Lee’s together

Round 3 – Burpees


-Count o Rama (20 PAX)

-Name o Rama



#f3 #f3dayton #f3nation #f3ohio #bettertogether #whileyouweresleeping #fitness #fellowship #faith #brucelee #enterthedragon

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