July 5, 2018

Q: Goldstar
Pax: Tails, Stamp, Heater, Brody, Bungee, Johnny 5, Osha, Alex (FNG)
AO: Indian Riffle Falcon Hill


SSH IC x20
Monkey Humpers IC x10
Gorilla Humpers IC x10
Crab Jacks IC x10
Crab Humpers IC x15
Plank Jacks IC x10
Suicide planks IC x5

Mosey to playground

4×4 (arms raised, burpee to plank, merkins x4, mountain climbers x4) 8 sets

The GOLDSTAR beatdown (spelling out Goldstar with exercises.

Goofballs – standing mountain climbers x20 each side
Outlaw – in flutter kick position, make an O with feet. x20 left x20 right
Low country crab – crab position right arm to left foot, left arm to right foot x20 each side
Daniel son – crane position x20 each side
Super 21 – 1 merkin, 1 sit up, 2 Merkin, 2 sit up and so on. goal was to go to 21. Stopped for time-sake.
Three Amigos – 3 guys back to Back in squat position. Hold until one group falls.
Alphabet – on your back, spell out alphabet with feet
Reverse Indian run back to flag


Splash of Merlot
Count off


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