July 4, 2018

JULY 4, 2018 – F3 Dayton’s Celebration of Fitness and Freedom

Q: BoneDaddy

PAX: Johnny-5, Stamp, Faucet, Who Dey, Tails, Brody, Heater, Wilson, Swobbles, Floater, GoldStar, Cub Scout, Captain Planet, The Dude, FNG x 6

As the PAX gathered in the gloom the sounds and celebrations of freedom could be heard loud and clear. Once fully gathered, BoneDaddy circled the PAX for the Disclaimer and a brief reading from the Declaration of Independence as a remembrance of what we celebrate here on this day. Thanks were given to the SkyQ for his divine providence, for his continued protection, and for the courage of men who are willing to pledge to their brothers their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. After thanks were given the PAX got to work!

The Thang:

7-4 Tabata
(7 exercises for 4 minutes with 20-second work/10-second rest and one-minute rest between exercises)

1) American Hammers
2) Superman Holds
3) ‘mericans
4) Mountain Climbers
5) Burpees
6) Bench Dips
7) Horse Stance Punches

The Burden of Freedom March

The book, Soldier’s Load and the Mobility of a Nation by S.L.A. Marshall, contains a study that indicates the average weight of a Marine male was 169 pounds. The study also indicated that a soldier could optimally carry 33 percent of his body weight or 56 pounds. A total weight of 225 pounds. The Burden of Freedom is the loss of life paid by those serving and protecting our country and freedom.

The PAX as one team carried 240 pounds of sandbags chained together for an undisclosed distance to an undisclosed location to simulate the weight of fallen soldiers.

The final destination for this march was BoneDaddy’s house where breakfast was ready and waiting for the PAX. The Pax enjoyed some good 2nd F time together.

Introductions by the FNGs
Photo OP

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