June 30, 2018

6-30-18 – Saturday Q

PAX: Mercury, Shrute, Sox, Captain Planet, Cub Scout, BoneDaddy, Who Dey, Wilson, Swobbles, Brody, Faucet, The Dude, Heater, Popcorn, Tails, FNG x 4

Opening admin stuff: 20
Slowsy to field – Stamp Yoga: Stoga
Downward dog, cobra, broken table x2, cat arch, cat lift, hangs, gimmes x2
Broken plane x2

Bruce Lee-ray races:
Partner sandbag carries while the rest of the HIMs hold planks; upon completion a round of Bruce Lee’s.

Christmas in June:
Dredd Sled pulls while the PAX do Merkins

1 Hour – end.

Shared some of my back story (little bit at a time and a little more per Q) and talked about the importance of the legacy we leave behind; for our sons, daughters, families, friends and communities. We’re not our past. Our past doesn’t make us who we are. We decide who we are now and how we impact the world around us every day. Had the absolute pleasure of leading 20 men aged 65 to 11 through the gloom into, hopefully, positive exhaustion.

Since joining F3 I wake up every morning and say to myself: “Don’t excuse yourself from life today” (Bonus points for naming the band and song). I challenge you to do that in one form or another. Ask yourself, “How am I going to positively impact the world around me?”

End COT/ Admin/ PR stuff

Thanks for letting me Q.


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