June 19, 2018

11 PAX on a Tuesday!
06/19/2018 –
Q: Goldstar
PAX: Popcorn, Tails, Heater, Pavarotti, The Dude, Zebra, Brody, Stamp, Rollie Fingers, Floater
Play Kettering – Indian Riffle – FTH


Stretches (5 minutes)
Warm up
Mosey to FTH
Sidestraddle hop (in cadence)
Airsquat (in cadence)
Cotton pickers (in cadence)
Merkins (in cadence)

Tabata abs (6 minutes)
Grasshoppers – Suicide planks
Plank jacks – rock n roll planks
Mountain climbers – regular planks

4x up and down FTH
Al Gore until all PAX finished (tree hug squat)

Bruce Lee’s
x20 Flutter Kicks (per leg)
x20 Leg Raises
x20 American Hammers (each side)
x20 Dying Cockroach
x20 Freddy Mercury
x20 LBC’s
Al Gore until all PAX finished (tree hug squat)
Repeat run & Bruce Lee’s x3

Mosey back to flag
Stretches 5 mins

#F3Nation #F3Ohio #F3Dayton #GetBetter #BuildingBetterMen #DaytonInspires #DaytonPerspires #YouVsYou #Fitness #Fellowship #Faith


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