June 16, 2018 – Pirate Games

Bonus Workout: West Carrollton Football 1st Annual Pirate Games

Stamp and BoneDaddy had scheduled themselves a good ol’ fashioned weight lifting throwdown to take place after this mornings F3 workout. (Probably wasn’t the wisest idea but #CSAUP ideas are the best ideas 😉 )

The Thang:


20 push ups
run 20 yards
20 thrusters @ 65#
run 20 yards
20 squat cleans @ 95#
run 20 yards
20 back squats @ 95#
run 20 yards
20 deadlifts @ 135#
run 20 yards
20 Burpees
(don’t die, don’t splash merlot)

Stamp being the beast that he is posted a blazing fast time of 9:35.6 and took 1st in the division. 🏆🏅
BoneDaddy posted a respectable time of 13:12.9 and placed 4th in the division

Join us next year at the West Carrollton Football Pirate Games!

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