20 x 5

Date: 7/19/2021
AO: Smart Park
Conditions: 64 F, 90% humidity
PAX: Sucker Punch, Rabbit Trail, Whose There, 9 Volt, Swobbles, Wiggles, McDreamy, Ditka (q)

Warm up:
SSH, Windmills, imperial walkers

The Thang:
20 reps of exercise than run 100m. Complete cycle 5 times (100 reps total) Merkins
Leg lifts

PAX broke up the 100m run with sprints, karaoke, Bernie Sanders and dabbled with some bear crawls.

Finished with a 100 burpee circle in 3 mins as a team. It was like a tsunami. Everyone loved it, probably.


Mumble Chatter:
-McDreamy proved he didn’t eat breakfast this morning. Just a little Merlot splash. -Wiggles could probably qualify for the Olympics sprint team.

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