DATE: 6/4/21

AO: Smart Park

PAX: Cornelius, Ditka, Clinger, Packer, Crockett, Meatball, Jazz-Hands, Who’s-There, FNG Clint got plugged-into F3 as “9-Volt”, Armstrong (q)

WARM UP: Mosey to Kroger Hill

THE THANG: PAX take turns working Small Logs, then the Big Logs…

-10 Small Log Cradled Squats
-10 Large Log Standing Russian Hammers. (Wrestle log from 10:00 to 2:00 position.)

-10 Small Log Clean to Overhead Press
-10 Large Log Toss & Catches

-10 Small Log Clean to shoulder (5 per side)
-10 Large Log end-over flips

-10 Large Log Crunches (2 PAX per log)
-10 Large Log Squat-Thrusters

-10 Small Log Cradled Lunge Steps
-20 Large Log Rows (backwards between legs)

-10 Small Log Pile Drivers
-10 Large Log Overhead Presses (2 PAX per log)

June Challenge: 661 Merkins by 10 PAX. Average of 66 per man in three minutes.

Everything is better with a log.
I wet my pants at Smart Park.
Saw you at the Memorial Day Parade.
Drive Safe!

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