Smart Park’s Belly

Smart Park’s Belly
AO: Smart Park
Date: 02/15/21
Time: 0530
Q: Collective
PAX: @Cornelius, @Armstrong @Packer @Floater
Warm up : 50 SSH In Cadence
Round 1
Each PAX assigned a row in parking garage to pick exercise. Perform X number of reps run to end of row and perform same number of reps Row 1 25 Merkins run 25 Merkins
Row 2 30 BBSU run 30 BBSU
Row 3 17 Burpees run 17 Burpees
Row 4 5 Popeyes run 5 Popeyes
Walking Lunge back to start
Round 2
Perform X number of reps at each post. Each row is different exercise determined by a different PAX Row 1 2 Merkins per post 32 Merkins total
Row 2 4 Jumping Squats per post 64 Squats total
Row 3 4 Leg lifts per post 64 leg lifts total
Row 5 5 Muhammad Ali’s per post 75 total
Bear crawl back to start point

Count o Rama

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