The WhiteHat Special

Date: 09-12-2020
Time: 0700
AO: DeHavilland
Pax: Crockett, FNG (Kyle), Faucet, Jingles, Phone Home, Swobbles, Calvin, Zebra.
Q: Wilson

A fellow Pax, WhiteHat, from Rock Region in South Carolina has met with some medical issues. Today we gave a special call out on his behalf.

Mosey to… well, a new location close to the gazebo for…

Warm Up
20 Reps IC of:
Pickin’ Taters
Imperial Walkers

WhiteHat Special – Part 1

En route back to the parking lot, Pax formed a line and proceeded with Walk Like an Egyptian, Leap Frog style. Pax moving from the back of the line to the front would jog backwards until getting to the front position. Pax would then face forward and lead the Walk Like an Egyption line. Rinse/Repeat.

Juarez Valley 10

At station 1, do one Merkin
Bear Crawl to station 2.
At station 2, do 10 Burpees
Return to station 1and increase Merkin count by 1.
Bear Crawl back to station 2, decrease count by 1 (Switched to Air Squats half way through).
Rinse/Repeat steps 4 & 5 until counts are 10 and 1.

WhiteHat Special – Part 2

As WhiteHat is 39 years old, we proceeded with 13 reps of:

Concluded with:
Break Dance
Monkey Humpers
Hurdler’s Stretch
Pigeon Stretch

WhiteHat, we salute you and pray for your recovery.



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