Muggy Morning Beatdown

Date: 7/16/2020
Time: 0530
AO: Falcon Hill
Pax: Cobra, Crockett, Fire Drill, Goldstar, Phone Home, Nader, Swobbles
Q: Wilson

A warm, muggy 77 degrees. It was the gloom.

Warm up:
Arm Circles
Swivel Hips

20 reps IC of
Pickin’ Taters
Imperial Walkers

¼ mile Mosey

The First Thang:

Juarez Valley 10: Sit-back Merkins/Jog Squats
In the first position, do 10 Sit-back Merkins
Mosey to second position, do 1 Jog Squat
Mosey to first position, decrease count by 1 
Mosey to second position, increase count by 1
Rinse/Repeat until Merkins = 10/Jog Squats = 1

The Second Thang:

Round 2 of Juarez Valley 10: Squats/Burpee (switched up when YHC started losing gas….)

Goldstar stated he was content having worked up a sweat. At 77 degrees, that was accomplished by stepping out of the car. 



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