Falcon Hill 1-1-19

DATE – 1-1-19

A.O. – Falcon Hill

Q – Tails

PAX – Zebra, Heater, Bonedaddy, Cobra, Bambi, Goldstar, Rev Run, Faucet, Wilson,


Conditions were colder than expected! Warm weather last night gave the hope of some for this morning. Not what we got. Strong wind added to the chill. I was a bit perplexed on what coarse to take. Knowing some of the PAX had sustained injuries last week, this would make running and SSH impossible. With the cold and wind factor I knew we would want to keep heart rate high to stay warm.

Warm up

  • Shoulder rotations – 10
  • ASAK – 10

Brick Party

  • Half PAX plank while the others Sprint to the Bricks and back. Drop brinks and repeat until everyone has a brick
  • Harambe across field. 3 pulls and 2 block swings in between.
  • Preform 15 Shoulder presses, 5 Block Swings, 20 Block squats. Repeat.
  • Shoulder blocks back. Stash blocks in hiding place.
  • Mosey to flag
  • Wall sits into sky-thigh-ground-claps x 30
  • Circle leg push downs, one rotation.

COT – Happy new year! Encouragement to set goals, prayer for Cobra, prayer for missing PAX.

COUNTARAMA – 10. Remembered this time!



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