September 4, 2018 – The Higgins

AO: Higgins

Date: 9/4/18

Time: 0530

Q: Wilson

Pax: Elroy


Yes. Elroy. Elroy decided to come visit poor ol’ Wilson who keeps ruckin’ each week by his self.

Well, actually….. with the long holiday weekend, the poor dude probably had his first senior moment in life.  Instead of posting like he normally does on Tuesday at Falcon Hill, it felt like Monday. No matter. He rucked without a ruck. We did the normal mile with the usual stops: swings on the parallel bars and tucked levers on the pull up bar.

Claiming a gimpy shoulder, the mobility part of the workout provided enough movement worthy of anyone’s time with enough gumption to beat the fart sack while stretching less healthy areas.

PVC Workout

Front to Backs

Side to Sides


A Walk in the Park




Tail Gate Dip (1 rep, deep stretch)

Jefferson Curl

And the best part? The constant Mumblechatter along the trail kept the local resident skunks aware of our presence and out of the way.

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