August 18, 2018 – DeHavilland

August 18, 2018

AO: De Havilland (Delco Park)

Q: BoneDaddy

PAX: Wilson (Respect), Heater, Floater, Bear, Fire Drill, Faucet, Popcorn, Sox, Swobbles, Cub Scout, Johnny-5 (Alive!!)

As the PAX gathered and were milling about, their excitement and eagerness quickly turned to doubt. For look as they may and look as they might, BoneDaddy wasn’t anywhere in sight. Yet, through the gloom did shine, headlights announcing that the PAX would be starting on time.

Warm up:

50% sprint half the distance of the soccer field x 2

Knee huggers to first line

It band stretch back

Hammy Walk to First Line

Quad Stretch Walk back

lunge with twist to first line

leg swings back

75% sprint half the distance of the soccer field x 2

The Thang: Hakuna Tabata

PAX partnered up for 6 stations of Tabata 20 second work/10 seconds rest for 4 minutes followed by 1 minute rest.

1) Kettlebell high pulls @ either 20# or 25#

2) Push ups

3) Cinderblock Kettlebell Swings @ 27#

4) Sandbag Bent Over Row @ 60#

5) Burpees (Everyones Favorite)

6) Thors (Big Boi Sit up with an American Hammer)

Death By Air Squat

with remaining time

Air Squat every minute on the minute.

Start with 2 and add 2 each minute.

Start on Time; End on Time




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